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Crayon Collection

I didn’t know how this post was going to end so I assumed the cat started organizing the crayons????


This is so pleasing to my eye.



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"'To write down one's impressions of Hamlet as one reads it year after year,' wrote Virginia Woolf, 'would be virtually to record one's own autobiography, for as we know more of life, so Shakespeare comments upon what we know.'"
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you: hey isozyme, what do you want most in this world?

me: project runway AUs in every fandom

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"Sometimes I remind myself that I almost skipped the party, that I almost went to a different college, that the whim of a minute could have changed everything and everyone. Our lives, so settled, so specific, are built on happenstance."
Anna Quindlen, Every Last One   (via exoticwild)

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"Maybe you just have to live for the small things, like being called pretty or someone picking up the pen you dropped or laughing so hard that your stomach hurts. Maybe that’s all that really matters at the end of the day."
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swag won’t pay the bills but apparently neither will your degree

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"Do you honestly think I’ve never thought of all of this before? I made a decision to do what I love to do, and I accept everything that comes along with that. Whatever happens next, I accept it. This is what theatre is! It is joy one day, and it’s gone the next. It’s like a religion, and I don’t apologise for wanting to be a part of that, and I don’t wish for something more. I really don’t."
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he refuses to discuss this with me. rent is 13 years overdue

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